Olive Green Floral 60 Inch Round Tablecloth

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  • [High Quality Material] These tablecloths are waterproof, wear resistant, and have premium polyester construction, with a TPU layer. This makes them much more resilient than the vinyl tablecloths, which often tear, but also offers easy cleaning thanks to its waterproof TPU layer, which most polyester tablecloths lack.
  • [Beautiful Pattern] With many patterns of colorful symmetric shapes, there is a beautiful pattern suitable for every house, the patterns come in modern styles with single colors, and bright and vibrant colors for homes with young children.
  • [Practical and Decorative] Modern and stylish, these tablecloths brighten up a kitchen or dining room, options are available to match any color scheme, or home décor style, from fun child friendly designs to smart, on-trend designs for stylish households.
  • [Suitable for Many Occasions] Thanks to their TPU waterproof layer, these tablecloths can be used for outside barbeques, picnics or as a surface for children to make a mess on. The tablecloths pack away compactly and can be taken out for special occasions like dinner parties, family gathering and holidays, or used every day to protect your table from damage and unwanted wear.
  • [Easy to Care] Thanks to its waterproof design, this tablecloth can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth and doesn’t need to be machine washed between use. Perfect for families with small children who make a mess at the dinner table. Please iron the fabric side to remove any wrinkles, don’t iron the TPU layer directly.

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